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by a freethinker Jiri Jelinek


Notes for the religious

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N4I1 Take it easy when your beliefs get labeled "superstitious." Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality. The belief that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events. When claiming that any supernatural being causes anything in our world, you are in fact making a superstitious claim.

Notes for the rational

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N4R1 Be/stay patient and polite. Many religious people are being well trained to be highly irrational when it comes to their religion. Saving them (and our society) from their irrationality takes time, regardless of how strong arguments are presented. It has to do with neural net dynamics & the time spent getting the delusions wired. If their experience was yours, you wouldn't change your mind overnight either. In US, I see delusions being persistently planted into many minds everywhere - mostly by those who helplessly suffered the same brainwashing & by those who abuse religion(s) to gain control & $. Children are dying because of that and there are many other issues. Public irrationality deserves confrontation, but when engaging in that, try to stay away from (so often seen) offensive posts lacking arguments. Steadily, maintain influence. Christian's "nothing can change my beliefs" is just another delusion. Everything we perceive has some impact. Anyone can get misled, but armed with logic + scientific mindset, one is well set for progress in terms of understanding our world. If science/rationality gets as much time as religion so far, the progress will be mind-blowing. In the name of progress, let's politely challenge irrationality whenever our precious time allows.
N4R2 Faith is not necessarily a negative thing, and it does play a role in science. When talking about faith, it's important to distinguish between a reasonable faith (which there is nothing wrong with) vs a blind faith (which is a belief based on insufficient or even conflicting evidence). E.g. considering the available evidence, having the faith that the sun will rise tomorrow is perhaps still pretty reasonable at the time when you read this sentence. It's also relatively reasonable to believe that our universe wasn't created last Thursday despite the uncertainty (see Last Thursdayism). So let's keep in mind that even highly reasonable scientific theories rely on some faith-based assumptions. Faith is just a confidence or trust in someone or in something, and it can be pretty rational.

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