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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) systems are, in my opinion, among the most fascinating applications under development today. We are surrounded by helpful narrow AI systems, but despite decades of AGI R&D and significant resources spent, there isn't a single fully functional AGI system yet. AGI investors learned the hard way that no $ amount can guarantee breakthrough ideas and researchers realized that AGI is a much harder problem than initially thought. Most gave up, switching to less ambitious projects. There are relatively few serious AGI projects being developed today but if any one of them succeeds, it might very well change the world more than we can imagine today. Mankind is facing many serious problems that could have been avoided if the available data were used in smarter ways. We just don't see many important links between concepts. AGI could make a huge difference. Some of the leading AI researchers call our need for AGI an emergency. We cannot always expect perfect solutions from our AIs/AGIs because of unavoidable resource and knowledge limitations, but the theoretical potential is still mind-blowing. If you are not already involved in the AGI R&D in any way, I strongly encourage you to at least consider the possibility. We are living in an exciting time when technology allows small dev teams and even single individuals to develop powerful systems within a reasonable time frame and without spending lots of money. Many open source dev tools are relatively mature and the hardware limitations are no longer a real problem. Now it's all about having the right ideas. Give it a shot!